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Campus Landmarks

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 112 Collections and/or Records:

1895: Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1895_001_00652_P
Dates: Digitized: 1895

1897 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1897_001_00653_P
Dates: Digitized: 1897

1900 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1900_003_00657_P
Dates: Digitized: 1900

1904 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1904_001_00658_P
Dates: Digitized: 1904

1919 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1919_003_00663_P
Dates: Digitized: 1919

1923 Soldiers' Monument

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_CW_1923_001_00582_P
Dates: Digitized: 1923

1926 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1926_002_00667_P
Dates: Digitized: 1926

1928 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1928_001_00666_P
Dates: Digitized: 1928

1944 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1944_001_00669_P
Dates: Digitized: 1944

1954 Lake/Pond

 Digital Record
Identifier: MVS_PHOTO_CL_PO_1954_001_00674_P
Dates: Digitized: 1954