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1964-01 Analog Science Fact and Science Fiction

 Digital Record
Identifier: Vol. LXXII, No. 5


  • Digitized: January 1964


Summary Note

Volume LXXII, No. 5. Published by Conde Nast Publications, Inc., 420 Lexington Ave., New York. Editor, John W. Campbell; asistant editor, Kay Tarrant; art director, Herbert S. Stoltz; business manager, Robert E. Park; advertising manager, Walter J. McBride; illustrators, John Schoenherr and Leo Summers. Cover is a photograph of polarized light coming through a microthin slice of the meteorite which fell near Nakla Egypt in 1911. Ralph A. Hall, M.D., photographer.

Physical Description Note

21x28 cm.

Rights Statement Note

©1963 by Conde Nast Publications, Inc.